The good news is that various foods and natural ingredients can be used to turn back the hands of time. Here are some of the most effective anti-aging foods…

Growing older is linked to many changes, changes that most of us would love to prevent. Anti-aging is a massive industry, but unfortunately, many of the products are ineffective.

We have listed here 5 groups of foods that won’t stop the hands of time but will do a great job of slowing them down a little bit so you can enjoy a long healthy and happy life. Start munching on these beautiful foods today


1. Blueberries and All Other Berry Varieties

Berries are one of your most powerful allies in the battle against growing old. The reason why these little, delicious fruits are so beneficial is simple” they’re packed with potent antioxidants that protect the cells against aging.

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries reduce inflammation and diminish the negative effects of oxidative stress. As a result, they’ll give you a more youthful appearance and a higher level of energy. Also, berries can reduce the risk of experienced various medical conditions (cardiovascular problems and cancer included).

2. Garlic

Recognized as a potent super-food, garlic can be used to accomplish an array of health improvement goals. It’s also one of the best foods when it comes to slowing down the aging process.

Garlic lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and protects the heart. It’s a powerful antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substance.

One of the most important ingredients found in garlic is allicin. It’s the one that gives garlic its pungent odor and medicinal properties. Allicin is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from the activity of free radicals.

Also, garlic is a source of zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. All of these are needed to keep your skin plump and elastic, reducing the prominence of wrinkles. Incorporating garlic in your diet may be a bit difficult if you’re not used to the ingredient, but the benefits will justify the changes.

3. Eggs

Over the years, eggs have acquired a rather bad reputation because they contain large quantities of dietary cholesterol. New research suggests, however, that the cholesterol in eggs isn’t harmful because it doesn’t cause an increase in bad cholesterol blood levels.

Eggs are a complete source of nutrition because they contain many minerals that aren’t found in other foods. They’re an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B12 and vitamin A. They feature few calories and can be used effectively to promote weight loss.

On top of all that, eggs can be used to make an array of natural skincare and haircare masks. All of the beneficial ingredients will play a role in keeping your skin and your hair looking more youthful and healthy.

4. Leafy Greens

Are you getting enough greens in your diet? If not, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to slow down the aging process.

Spinach, kale, collard greens and romaine lettuce are all packed with beneficial vitamins and micronutrients. They’re a source of lutein, which is needed to maintain eye health. Also, green leafy vegetables feature an array of antioxidants that keep the body healthy.

Of all the vegetables in this category, spinach is probably the most beneficial. It contains folate that is needed to reduce the risk of experiencing cognitive decline. Also, it has the highest proportion of antioxidants that prevent cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

5. Broccoli

The final entry in the list is broccoli. This member of the cruciferous family is another potent source of antioxidants that keep the body looking and feeling youthful.

Of all vegetables, broccoli is the most powerful source of isothiocyanates. This compound has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer properties. Research suggests that the consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower reduces the risk of breast, prostate and other common kinds of cancer.

Incorporating more fresh ingredients in your meal preparation will help you enjoy life without ailments and without worrying about your appearance. Increase the consumption of fruits and veggies, eggs and sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. All of these will be required to take years off your birth certificate, make you active and happy.

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